security and safety


ICON Ltd. is a distributor of equipment for CCTV. We have integrated dozens of video networks for companies and municipal organizations.

Our client expect to receive services that are provided with reliable technical support. ICON Ltd. offers a full range of CCTV equipment to build a modern, flexible and functional systems for the needs of different types of customers.

We offer all services accompanying the development of video surveillance systems - preparing the draft, equipment supply, installation, training to work with the system, warranty and support. Due to the wide variety of partner companies we work with, we are able to offer every customer a solution that would satisfy the most specific needs.

Quality video surveillance system needs accurate video sources. We offer cameras and accessories selected so as to be able to combine the utmost technical parameters of your particular situation on the best price. Products are selected so that to satisfy the conflicting requirements between quality and price. The cameras offer superior performance resolution. You can choose black and white or color model. Some models have built-in microphone so you can record sound. The models can work in exceptional weather conditions and in very low light. In addition you can choose between 20 different types of lenses in sizes from 2.8 to 25 mm, with automatic and manual iris so that if you need absolute precision.