We offer flexible solutions for data transmission systems, access control, IP sound systems, control of elevators and others.


GPS systems

We offer users the ability to monitor the fleet in real time, anywhere, without installing applications.


Virtual Private Server

VPS is appropriate solution for projects that require more server resources than are available on other hosting solutions.


CCTV systems

CCTV systems - preparing the draft, equipment supply, installation, training to work with the system, warranty.


About us

Icon Ltd. was established in 1999. With main activity internet delivery, sales and service of computer equipment. In the beginning the company operates only on the territory of Bulgaria. After the accession of Bulgaria to the European Union and the opportunities open to us. We decided to increase the company's team and to add new activities to our portfolio. Currently, Icon Ltd. provides services on the territory of some of the member countries, and our plans are to provide services all over Europe by 2020.

Sales of telecommunication equipment

We offer flexible solutions related to:

Data transfer

Data transfer is used by customers who need to exchange real-time data in their branch network. Data transfer is in real time with very high speed.

Systems for access control

IP system for access control ensuring reliable access control to buildings, to increase the level of security in these places...

Sound systems

IP-based sound system for distant points - offices, houses , blocks and others. Very convenient for stores and other organizations that are far and need to have same music and sounds in the network.

Nexus Black

Control systems of elevators

Elevator systems offered by ICON will allow you to solve many crises that might arise during the operation of elevators ...

GPS devices

Wireless solutions using technology M2M, which are suitable for a wide range of sectors and has great business potential

Smart hause solutions

The system allows execution of set scenarios to achieve unparalleled comfort and control home. The user can control your home via PC, phone or tablet.