Main projects


GPS system with Geo-fence function.

In 2008 we created an intelligent solution for control of the urban transport for one of the largest municipalities. This system was new for ICON Ltd., and the Municipality of Yambol. With the GPS-system, and in particular the “Geo fence”-function, which assures vehicles remain in their zones of operation, the buses now operate on a precise schedule, routes and stop at all bus-stops, so ignore the abuse and optimize the cost of bus transportation. In addition, increased customer satisfaction with the quality of service.


Monitoring system for waste disposal, waste collection and snow-cleaning equipment

In 2009 ICON Ltd. builded a solution for monitoring the activities of waste disposal, waste collection and snow-cleaning equipment for the Consortium Titan (the company operates in almost all big district cities in BG and in 65% from the territory of the capital Sofia) by which they are able to monitor in real-time the positions of Refuse-collection containers, oars and sprinklers of snow-ploughs. The successful implementation of the system that sends data from GPS –terminals of “Titan” to the server of metropolitan inspectorate, allows the government bodies to monitor every single machine which cleans the city.


Indoor positioning system for localization and navigation /IPS/

Modern trends concentrating people in cities mastodons entails the need for the construction of the public infrastructure - roads, housing estates, office buildings, airports, train stations, etc. It's getting more difficult for people to orient themselves in this modern "jungle". While positioning and finding the necessary building landmark or shortest route, care have GPS technology, the orientation in indoor spaces has no open universal solution. The need for orientation in buildings such as shopping malls, airports, train stations and the huge office buildings is now undeniable.

Searching a parked car, the terminal exit № "X", etc. They are a common picture of everyday life. In indoor GPS signal is weak or in most cases, completely missing. This necessitates the search for alternative technologies to offer a balanced solution on price and quality.

These observations led us to develop last year an innovative product for our company and for Bulgaria and Europe. We hired specialists in electronics, computing, wireless communications and software and with them created "Indoor positioning system for localization and navigation" The difference between our product and the currently existing navigation systems is the principle of localization and the ability to perform voice guidance to users - for example, people with visual problems - to reach their desired destination.

At first glance, the ability to navigate indoors may seem unnecessary to anyone, but people who have lost a huge library, museum, hotel or any of the modern shopping centers - malls will certainly appreciate such a service. This effective solution can be valuable when shopping in large supermarkets. When positioning indoors improve, it will open the door to new services. For consumers, this could mean:

  • Obtain guidance on specific products and promotions;
  • Use of navigation in real time in a building to enable people to discover and meet more easily;
  • Easier coordination and monitoring of large groups of people-for example children, foreign tourists and others.

This product is a decision of great importance for better integration into society of people with visual disabilities.

System location and navigation indoors can be applied in measures to enhance security, and improve responses to emergencies and incidents.

The accuracy we can achieve is +/- 1 cm.

The innovative product can be applied in the following areas:
  • Logistics: With the installation of receivers in the more expensive items can be traced their location within a major commercial and administrative buildings.
  • Security: It can monitor the movement of all visitors within the building or complex of buildings in enterprises and administrative buildings.
  • Sales: Using the voice channel will be able to offer targeted ads to customers when passing through various commercial areas.
  • Health: With the attached receiver with integrated sensors for temperature, pulse, panic button and more, patient’s health and psychiatric facilities can be monitored and serviced more efficiently.
  • Social: People with visual impairment will be able to use administrative services and will be able to move about unaccompanied in public buildings.
The main benefits for customers are:
  • Ease finding specific objects within the society in matters buildings
  • Ability to receive instruction in the mother tongue / future development in upgrade system /;
  • Preparing instructions for evacuation;
The main benefits for the administration and managers of shopping centers:
  • Full Information about the position of visitors at any time
  • Higher image due to supply navigation services;
  • Increased level of security and organization in extreme situations;
  • Ability to offer targeted ads - for commercial complexes;