computers and accessories

Service and maintenance of computer equipment

ICON Ltd. maintains warranty and post-warranty of computers and copying equipment. In the maintenance are included consultations, replacement of defective or worn hardware, installation, setup and upgrade of software, replacement of consumables - toners, drums and more. The service fee is determined depending on the volume of supported equipment, its condition and location.

ICON Ltd. guarantees the performance of their duties..

Warranty conditions

Warranty service is accomplished only when an original warranty card, invoice or receipt is provided. In all other cases the repair will be made at prices set by the Tariff service and repairs service of ICON. The goods are repaired free of charge within the warranty period in all cases except where:
  • There is an attempt to change configurations or schemes; used are substandard consumables; an attempt to eliminate the defect by party non-authorized by ICON Ltd.
  • There are corrections or changes on the invoice or warranty card
  • .
  • Damage caused through no fault of the supplier, like bad transport, poor storage, misuse or malfunction or large fluctuations in the power grid, natural disasters and non-observance of instructions in the accompanying documentation.
  • The problems are software-related
  • Damage caused by other devices and equipment used together with the delivered equipment. The warranty does not cover consumable materials (batteries, cartridges, tapes, disks, etc.).
  • Do not considered warranty damage due to mechanical efforts

The service works only with licensed software supplied by the customer or if it is purchased from our stores.