networks and cabling

Computer networks

The communication between your employees in the office or in the branches of your company should be well secured. Information infrastructure is the main part of any business building. It includes all kinds of low voltage cable systems - Structural cabling, telephony, CCTV, Access Control, Fire Alarm, Cable and Satellite TV. Modern standards require high quality cabling as a condition for quality VoIP and data transfer.

ICON Ltd. provides professional support, excellent service and long-term guarantee of the existing networks. So the company provides each customer with the necessary communication independence, supporting the success of its business.

Изграждане на компютърни мрежи

Each professionally made structural cable system is:

  • Extremely easy to use, efficient and esthetic;
  • Allows you to use high-speed IT communications, high performance, more security, options for telephony and multimedia;
  • Extremely flexible;

Guaranteed quality, only certified companies supply low voltage cables are used.

This ensures security in the build quality of components, design, construction and maintenance of the entire structured cabling system. We can build and protect your inner environment through the use of devices that will give you security and protection.